Aardman talks dirty (FMX 2013 Talk)

Aardman talks dirty lecture at FMX 2013

Aardman talks dirty (FMX 2013 Talk)

Aardman do CG as well as stop motion. They work on commercials, games and features.

Aardman also allow artists at the company to make their own personal projects as they believe it opens the door to innovation. They covered many experimental ideas like CGI with shaders to make it look like plasticine / hand made, CGI base models with detail drawn on by hand and other mixed media ideas. I found the “Purple and Brown” and “Pirates!” examples really interesting.

I went to talk to them after and in terms of recruitment they like experimentation but prefer to see good poses, strong animation and strong storytelling skills more than anything. They said people’s breakdowns are often a weakness so watch out for that!

Feature film animator.

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