Keyframe MP – The animator’s new media player!

Keyframe MP – The animator’s new media player!

I wouldn’t usually blog about a company’s product but this one is an exception. Chris Zubrigg has made a media player called Keyframe MP especially for animators and it totally kicks Quicktime Pro’s ass! After using this you won’t want to use anything else. It’s currently on beta release so you can get it for cheaper than when it does a full launch.

Some of the features I like about it are:

  • The ability to scrub audio (to check lip sync).
  • The ability to make serveral types of bookmarks and save them to disc. This is such a nice feature because it enables you to save bookmark snippets and easily study reference / other animations at any time. I’ve been bookmarking sequences from Aladdin, Roger Rabbit and loads of others and it’s doing me a world of good.
  • Quick horizontal flip tool (to view the animation a different way around).

There are loads of other features too like being able to sync the player with your Maya timeline. Here’s a video:

Feature film animator.

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