Review: Pictoplasma Festival (Berlin 2014)

Review: Pictoplasma Festival (Berlin 2014)

This weekend I went to take a look around some of the Pictoplasma showcases here in Berlin. It’s a cool illustration / animation festival which also holds workshops for illustrators (Pictoplasma Academy). The focus of the festival was character portraits so I got to see a lot of really cool character designs. The animation showcased there is more skewed towards illustration than what you’d find at a festival like FMX, yet I found that very refreshing. I really loved the whole main exhibition and would definitely go back because the selections of work are great.

The Pictoplasma Portrait gallery was particularly enjoyable because it showcased all of the best works of the artists involved with the festival. I also went on the ‘Character Walk’ and visited a few of the single artist exhibitions dotted around the city. I found some of these solo galleries a little hard to find but it may be just because I’m not from Berlin and don’t know it as well as others. It was a little hit and miss whether I’d enjoy these solo galleries. I found a few gems though so it’s still worth doing. The main exhibition was definitely my favourite part of the festival though.

Here are some photos:

Feature film animator.

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