David Thomas Reel 2019 from Dave Talloy on Vimeo.

This is my animation reel from 2019! All character animation done by me unless otherwise mentioned below.

In shot 5, the tiny background vehicles animated in the background were animated by crowd department, everything else is mine.

The greyed out shot (shot 8) was done entirely by another animator and is just there for continuity between the shots I did (7 and 9).

Shots 1 + 2: Sing short film (Illumination Mac Guff)
Shot 3: Personal work from AnimSquad
Shots 4 – 6: Sam Sam Film (Mac Guff Ligne)
Shots 7 – 9: Spycies Film (Jungler)
Shot 10: Personal work from
Shot 11: Sherlock Gnomes Film (Mikros Image France)